The Music of Middle-earth


This is an iOS version of the application. It runs on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
  • List of all themes and tracks
  • List theme occurrences by theme or by track
  • Listen to the tracks or specific theme occurrences
  • Display currently playing themes while listening to the tracks

Note: None of the music is part of this application. The albums must be acquired separately.

How to setup

If you want to listen to the music through the app you need to have the music on your iOS device. The albums will be automatically recognized if they are organized in this way:

  • The tracks must have the correct track number.
  • The tracks must have the correct disc number.
  • The tracks must be split into the right albums.
  • The album titles must contain the following keywords (in no specific order):
    'fellowship of the ring'
    'two towers'
    'return of the king'
    'fellowship of the ring complete recordings'
    'two towers complete recordings'
    'return of the king complete recordings'
    'rarities archive'