Version 2.0
(Information about iOS version)


15 May 2023: All new version 2.0 released. Features an improved interface and adds choral pieces and songs to the index.
January 2015: Initial release of the application.


The Music of Middle-earth is an unofficial companion app to index Howard Shore's music for the Lord of the Rings films.

The score consists of more than 80 leitmotifs or themes that relate to specific characters, locations or cultures of Middle-earth. This app attempts to list occurrences of all themes throughout the soundtrack and provides an interactive way to listen to them:

  1. Play sections that contain specific themes.
  2. Go through all themes that are part of a single track.
  3. Display currently playing theme(s) while listening to the full tracks.

The app includes information about the following albums:

The full list of theme timestamps (sorted by both track and theme) can also be found here.

Important: None of the music is distributed as part of this application and all albums need to be acquired independently.



This project was created by Tizian Zeltner.

For feedback or any comments, feel free to send me a message.


This project isn't affiliated with Middle-earth Enterprises , the Tolkien Estate , New Line Cinema , Warner Brothers , WingNut Films , Doug Adams , or Howard Shore .

All copyrighs and trademarks for the books, films, and soundtrack music and lyrics are held by their respective owners.